Agenda for Sales Days

Reach out and update!


We delight our customers by supporting them to create and implement great ideas. And we have a good time doing so.

We are a team from all walks of life, empowering each other. Together, we experience joyful moments, courageously discover unknown unknowns, experiment, and fearlessly get (sh)it done for a better tomorrow.


Delight more customers and have an even better time doing so.

Expected results (minimal scope)

  • Every user has sent out newsletters to 2 recipients
  • Every participant has sent out 1 first contact email to a prospect of choice

Join in person or online

You can join in person by coming to Biel/Bienne
You can join online the lobby link you receive by email.


Who would we like to work with - collection of collaboration ideas with the IdeaMachine
Newsletter: Select users, check information
Short Coffee Break
Customize Newsletter content to taste
Short Break
Select most promising prospects - prepare first contact emails
Lunch break
Review of first contact emails
Send out newsletters
Short break
Finalize first contact emails - prepare follow up letters